Change Services

Change Management and Communication

The Success of change management efforts are dependent on the adoption of change by employees, customers and key stakeholder. Our approach to Change management is not based on a model but a series of effective engagements to gather real life data from those impacted by or involved in the change. Based on the unique requirements of the business and a sense check against best practice, company strategy and feedback we develop a flexible approach to implementation and knowledge transfer.

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Organisational Design

An organisation is a living organism impacted by the external environment and internal dynamics. In this context Organisational Design should be considered to be equivalent to a personal trainer or sports coach employed to optimise the performance of the team. A complete organisational structure design is developed to improve the agility of the organisation and job descriptions or performance management tools are defined to ensure each entity is contributing optimally to the achievement of organisational goals.

Project Management

Our project management approach is dependent on a clear understanding of the objectives and scope of the project in environment of the change to create a clear concise detailed project plan. Deliverable dates and requirements are clearly contracted and managed in partnership with relevant stakeholders. Where possible key performance indicators are defined and tracked regularly

Training and Talent Development Facilitation

In a fast-paced, ever changing society there is constant pressure to gather new skills, improve effectiveness or improve the offering. Unfortunately there is usually insufficient budget and time to accommodate all the training requirements of individuals and teams in the business. Employee Driven Change will partner with you or the business to develop a training and development strategy and approach to suit your needs. Our passion for empowering others drives us to coach others in developing new skills or knowledge sharing to create a lively learning culture.

Project Types

Defined deliverables

Scoped project timelines and materials

Implementation support

Business as usual capacity support

Operating model and process change

Culture and organisational change

Skills development

Analysis and design

Traditional waterfall projects

Transition to agile


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