Coaching Philosophy

Change inflicted by a company transformation initiative or as a result of a personal decision can be frightening and confusing. The experience of change and the process of adapting to change is different for everyone. My coaching model and philosophy recognises change as a personal process and experience and supports facilitates navigation of the change journey.

As a Change Management consultant for fifteen years I endeavoured to understand the change experience for individuals and facilitated change to minimise the impact and empower others to manage future change.

Change Management interventions are developed according the unique requirements of the objectives, role players and the environment. In the coaching process I strive to support the individual in understanding the context of the change and develop strategies to impel their desired change outcomes.


Coaching Guiding Principles

Everyone is different and everyone has choices
Honour others experiences.

Do your own thinking and encourage others to do the same.

Demonstrate empathy, respect and support for one another.

Encourage others to move out of their comfort zone and consider their full potential.

Personalised criteria for success.


Code of Ethics

Integrity: Everything we discuss will be handled professionally and confidentially

Respect: Only share what you want to share when you want to share it. Compassion for self.

Curiosity: Make it about you and what works for you.

Courage: Own the process and own your outcome.

Code of Ethics





COMENSA Practitioner Member Number: GAGOW-3044-PRA